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These days hygiene is more important than ever. Not stopping at just scrubbing our hands and using alcohol-gel to zap any germs, sales of bleach and heavy cleaning agents has risen massively in shops.

It may seem like a trivial topic, but this is the time to ensure you're caring for your jewellery properly! Read below for my top tips on keeping your jewels sparkling and clean.

1) Keep chemicals such as bleach away from your silver! Silver naturally tarnishes over time, but this can be sped up by chemicals. Tarnish is a discolouration of the silver, ranging from a light gold/yellow tone through to black. Even perfumes, body creams and shower gels can quickly tarnish your silver jewellery.

2) Remove rings and bracelets when washing your hands. Not only is this a much better way to ensure you are thoroughly cleaning your hands, but it is also better for the jewellery. Same goes for having a bath and showering; water can damage and discolour natural stones like Turquoise and Opals.

3)Use a polishing cloth regularly. Polishing cloths help clean it from sweat and grease, and keep them shiny much longer! You can buy anti-tarnish silver polishing cloths in the supermarket, they are usually in the same aisle as the furniture polish. Alternatively, you can get them online; the Town Talk Anti-Tarnish Silver Polishing Cloth is my favourite. Click HERE to be taken to them.

4) If you need to clean your jewellery the best thing to do is use warm water, a clean soft toothbrush, and some bicarbonate of soda. This method has worked for me very well. Lay your jewellery on a clean soft towel. Wet the toothbrush, and dip the bristles into the bicarb. Gently brush your jewellery, rinsing it off in the warm water. Make sure you dry your jewellery thoroughly, especially with softer stones such as Turquoise and Opals.

If you have any specific queries on jewellery care, feel free to reach out! I can also repolish jewellery if it needs some extra love and care.

Stay Safe out there, folks!

Izzy McD.

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