Izzy McD Jewellery - who are we?

Izzy McD Jewellery consists of one person (and sometimes a helpful friend or two who are more technology savvy!). My name's Izzy and I'm the sole creator behind Izzy McD Jewellery.

(photos by Daniel Seago @aperture_view)

So, here's a little taster of my history and how I ended up doing what I do!

I have always had a firm passion for anything sparkly, shiny and glittery. When I was a toddler, I would make a beeline for ANYTHING pink or Snow White themed. I would deck myself out in as many of my mums bangles as I could possibly fit on my arms. As a child I was encouraged to be artistic and crafty by my mother, so I guess that's where it all started! As I got older, I would spend hours rummaging around crystal shops buying gorgeous stones and jewellery. Fast forward to 19 years old and I started a degree in Archaeology at Winchester University. I had already spent 2 years studying this topic at college and had formed a wistful image of my future digging pits in unexplored landscapes and trowelling in caves in an exotic country for hominid fossils. In my second year of my degree, I met a friends mother who showed me the stunning rings she had made at a silversmithing class in Dorset. As soon as she told me about it I was hooked! My imagination ran wild and I knew I had to try it out. I felt a pull inside my body towards this craft that I had never felt with anything before. Without skipping a beat, the lessons were booked. After a small amount of lessons learning the basics from some wonderful and inspiring teachers (while working full time and trying to finish my degree part time!) I bought a beginners set of tools to keep at home...and the rest is history!

Where are we now?

Silversmithing has been my full time career since 2018. Being self employed certainly has its ups and downs, as anyone else who works for themselves will tell you, but I am absolutely in love with what I do. I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to create beautiful and wearable pieces of art that others enjoy. Not only this, it is more humbling than I ever could have imagined; my wonderful customers part with their own hard earned money to own my work. This has brought me to tears in the past, it is an amazing feeling which any artist can no doubt relate to. Because of this I work hard to provide you all with excellent quality products that will last more than a lifetime and hopefully be passed down to loved ones.

Many of you will have known me and my handcrafted, traditionally silversmithed jewellery brand from the name "Diamonds and Rust Jewellery". I've received so many messages asking why I changed the name (turns out a lot of you really liked the name!) as when I announced the rebrand I was super vague about the reasons! I still can't fully divulge the juicy info, but I can tell you it is because I am launching a NEW sister company under the name Diamonds and Rust. It will comprise of good old fashioned, rock n roll style jewellery. That's all the info you're getting for now!

I chose to transfer the name over to this new venture because it is way more fitting...you'll see!

I will be posting on this Blog regularly with updates such as custom orders I've been creating, shows I've been selling at, information on different stones, jewellery care...and more.

The ring shown below is a stunning turquoise statement ring. The turquoise stone comes from the Royston mine in Nevada. Native Americans believe that turquoise is a protective stone. If your turquoise stone in your jewellery breaks, it is said that the stone absorbed some negative energy that was aimed at you. Whether or not you believe that, I think we can all agree turquoise is a gorgeous stone.


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